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A Meghalaya weekend escapade

from Delhi is just what you need

All you need to do is Book a Delhi – Shillong Flybig flight and let the Abode of Clouds embrace you. Here are some itineraries you can plan.

Itinerary One

Delhi – Shillong – Mawlynnong – Dawki – Shnongpdeng

Shillong : Settle yourself in Shillong with a visit to the charming Wards Lake and top it up with the much-celebrated treasure trove of North Eastern indigenous culture – the Don Bosco Museum.

Mawlynnong : Up next is a scenic drive south to the famed Mawlynnong Village, known for its orchards and scenery and the adjacent living root bridge in Riwai.

Dawki – Shnongpdeng : The magically crystal clear waters of the Umngot river are waiting. Enjoy scenes of Dawki. Hop on a gentle boat ride and indulge in river scuba diving in Shnongpdeng.

Spend some time at the majestic Umiam Lake on exit.

Itinerary Two

Delhi – Shillong – Elephant Falls – Sohra

Shillong : Soak in the old-world charm of Meghalaya’s capital at Wards Lake and get enthralled with the rich cultures of the North East at the Don Bosco Museum. Add the thunderous Elephant Falls and the scenic Mattilang Park to your Shillong itinerary.

Sohra : Catch a glimpse of the famous fossil-filled cave systems of Meghalaya by visiting either Arwah Cave OR Mawsmai Cave. Witness the breathtaking heights and plunges of Nohkalikai and Nohsngithiang Falls and enjoy the dramatic views at Thangkarang Park.

Take a short break at the mesmerising Umiam Lake on exit.

Itinerary Three

Delhi – Shillong – Mawphlang Sacred Grove – Sohra

Shillong : Relish the pretty scenery and calm vibes at the Wards Lake and learn about the unique traditions of the North East at the Don Bosco Museum. Visit the Elephant Falls and Mattilang Park in the picturesque outskirts of the town.

Mawphlang : Visit the sacred grove, a poignant example of traditional conservation and an important site of local history. OR you can choose to trek a section of the ‘David Scott Trail’, a famous and historical trail that dates back to the early nineteenth century.

Sohra : Immerse yourself into a chapter of natural history in the caves of Meghalaya – known for their fantastical speleothems and fossils that date millions of years. Choose either Arwah Cave OR Mawsmai Cave for this unique experience. View some legend-filled waterfalls of Sohra plunging off the high plateau – Nohkalikai and Nohsngithiang Falls, and catch the sweeping landscape views at Thangkarang Park.

Catch soothing views of the shimmering Umiam Lake on exit.

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