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East Khasi Hills

Ward's Lake


Nature, Sightseeing, Boating

Guwahati Airport: 120 kms
Shilong Airport: 32 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 97 kms

Old world charm comes to life in this serene and cosy inner-city lake – resident geese, a hot cup of coffee, a famous wooden bridge, colourful paddle boats and more

With its charming wooden bridge and grassy slopes providing a serene lakeside resting place, Ward’s Lake is one of the most endearing attractions in Shillong town.

A stone path encircles the small lake and other highlights here include the immaculately maintained flower gardens along with the lofty trees that provide shade to visitors. More than a hundred years old, Ward’s Lake is named after William Ward, a Chief Commissioner from the British era.

Paddle boating in the calm lake waters is recommended. Grab a bite and a beverage at the restaurant overlooking the bridge. Ward’s lake is an ideal place to watch the world go by – from young couples to parents with their children, everyone converges here. Standing on the bridge that spans the lake and feeding the fish below is a favourite pastime. You also have the resident ducks to befriend.

Ward’s Lake is also known for its events which happen throughout the year. Come autumn and the cherry blossoms here will be in full bloom, providing memorable visuals and photo-ops. Next to the Ward’s Lake is the botanical garden – a collection of trees and plants that will interest botanists and horticulturists. A stone’s throw away from Police Bazaar, Ward’s Lake is a very easy landmark to locate.

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