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West Jaintia Hills

Krangshuri Falls

West Jaintia Hills

Amlarem (1km)

91 kms via NH6 and NH206, 110 kms via NH206

Nature, Sightseeing, Boating

Guwahati Airport: 202 kms
Shilong Airport: 94 kms
Guwahati Railway Station: 179 kms

A magical waterfall straight out of Kipling’s pages - turquoise water, large rocks, and magnificent viewpoints…..

Compared to the cliff-hugging plunge falls that you will find in Southern Meghalaya, the Krangshuri waterfall features a different aesthetic. A placid river suddenly drops, creating a curtain of flowing water that falls over a cave.

From afar, Krangsuri is a sight that will make you think of the Jungle Book. During the summer, blue, clear waters can be seen at the bottom of the waterfalls which itself is located in the middles of a thickly forested area.

The walk down to Krangshuri is a pleasant descent – you begin on an open meadow and slowly climb down into more defined shrub and vegetation. There are railings around the falls where you can get a good view and you can also inquire about the boating facilities there. Upstream is a small space where people can camp, surrounded by lush green vegetation and with the gentle ripple of the river for company. On calm sunny days, you can enjoy a dip in the pool of the waterfall after renting life jackets. Shutterbugs will certainly enjoy strolling around the surrounding hills looking for a vantage point, of which there are many. Just make sure you watch your step and wear footwear with good grip as the rocks around the water can be slippery.
Getting there – The 90-km drive to Krangshuri from Shillong via the NH6 and NH206 is a riveting one – highways looping around the gentle hills, punctuated by hamlets and small towns. There are plenty of eating choices for those who are ready to try local food.

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