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East Khasi Hills


61 kms

Hiking, Trekking, Water Activities, Fossils, Camping, Scenery, Rock Formations

Guwahati Airport: 162 kms
Shilong Airport: 86 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 151 kms

Marvel at a giant living root bridge, explore cool mountain streams and visit curious rock formations, climb a tree house and get panoramic views of Bangladesh, stroll through gardens and fruit orchards…..

Ever thought of a place where waterfalls are so plentiful that they become a nuisance? That can be the scene on the highway to the famed town of Mawsynram when your vehicle might just have to drive right through a monsoon cascade falling from the mountainside.

The Mawsynram plateau region has received enough attention for its world-record rainfall but there are many more unique sights here. Krem Puri is the longest sandstone cave in the world. Getting to the entry requires a steep descent down one of the valley slopes. The labyrinth has just been recently mapped and visitors need to go in with proper caving gear and with a local guide.

Wildlife enthusiasts can head over to Phlangwanbroi village and trek deep into the jungle, known for its protected populations of the Hoolock Gibbon. Krem Dam, a large cave with an underground waterway and beaches is another famous site that will inspire the spelunker in you.

One of the best places for adventurers to visit when in the Mawsynram region is Mawlyngbna, known for the pretty Umkhakoi lake and as a hub for water activities like kayaking and swimming. Weiing Lakeside Camp in nearby Phlang Mawsyrpat village is a favoured place for serious travellers who want to spend time in this captivating region of Meghalaya. When in Mawlyngbna, do not miss the celebrated fossil sites – evidence of the place’s underwater history that goes back millions and millions of years. The Split Rock is one of the more curious attractions – a giant rock split into two, the event attributed to the devastating Magnitude-8 Assam earthquake of 1897.

Enroute to Mawsynram, the legendary Lum Symper hill and the Mawjymbuin caves are popular stops. There are community-run lodges and homestays in many villages here and visitors are recommended to spend a night here at least so they can enjoy some fresh nature trails and bird watching in the mornings.

Major Spots:

  • Mawlyngbna
  • Phlangmawsyrpat
  • Mawsynram Town
  • Krem Puri
  • Phlangwanbroi

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Route :
Go south for 61 kms from Shillong on the Mawsynram highway, Mawphlang Sacred Grove is a recommended detour.

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Monsoon for the rain, Post-monsoon and winter for the hikes

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