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More Adventures

The outdoors life is part of the people’s DNA in Meghalaya. Traditionally speaking, activities like camping, fishing and hiking are much loved by residents of all age groups. Modern adventure sports and activities are also gaining a large following so if you seek an adrenaline rush, the mountains, lakes and rivers here can guarantee that.

Some of the popular adventure activities in Meghalaya are ziplining, rappelling, waterfall rappelling, canyoning, freshwater scuba diving, paddling, caving, and good-old-fashioned camping. The best seasons for water-related activities are post-monsoon and winter. Camping is an all-year activity depending on the campsite and accessibility of your route, although for those who have limited experience in the outdoors it is recommended that you avoid the ferocious monsoon season.

Meghalaya is also a favoured destination for mountain bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts – the dirt trails coursing through the highlands and valleys and the smooth and winding scenic highways provide a perfect stage.

Choose locally-based adventure tour providers for the best experience. They will ensure that you visit off-beat sites that are not on every itinerary.

Top adventure tour providers in Meghalaya are:

  • Pioneer Adventure Tours
  • Meghalaya Adventurers’ Tours (MAT)
  • Campfire Trails
  • Duia Trailblazers