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Glide through Meghalaya’s ‘Non Violent’ Silk Community

Eri Silk Village


Umden, The Eri Silk Village of NE India, is a small village located in Ri-Bhoi district. Take a cultural tour through the community and experience the lush greenery amidst the whistling sounds of the village’s feathered friends. Home to indigeneous communities, Umden-Diwon also boasts of a sacred grove which is home to a hundred of tree varieties, monoliths and other plant species. Upon request, the community members can also organise a cultural show for visitors while they enjoy a meal at the Traveller’s Nest. Visitors can also spare a few hours to pick their choice of local/indigeneous vegetables from the Nest’s kitchen garden and take a small bite while watching the chefs prep their food.

Duration : 8:00AM – 6:00PM
Distance from Shillong : 73.8 km (2 hours and 20 mins)
No. of people that can be hosted at one time : 10
Price : INR 1,000/- per person

  • Visiting the Handicraft Society
  • Hiking to historical sites and Sacred Groves
  • Experience the weaving, handloom and natural dyeing of Eri Silk
  • Bird-watching
  • Fishing (INR 300 for the entire day)
  • Cycling within Umden (INR 300 for the entire day)
  • Experience local cuisine
  • Pick up points from Nongpoh.
  • Food is available at Traveller’s Nest at INR 250 per meal (per person)
  • Local food shops are also available nearby
  • Amenities/facilities available in the village:
    • Healthcare facility available at PHC Hospital
    • Good network is available
    • Motorable roads
  • Duration of the experience at Umden: Day visit 10 am to 5/6 pm.
  • Complete experience duration: 3 days and 3 nights
  • Up to how many people will you be able to manage- within 25
  • Language hosted in English and Khasi
  • Best time to visit: September to May
  • Tour guide fee: INR 1000 per day

Name :
Umden Traveller’s Nest

Price (per night) :
INR 2,000 per night (2 Beds) with complimentary breakfast

What is included :

  • 2 Beds
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Parking Facilities

Name :
Bamaeri Resort, Mawkhla Main Rd, Nongpoh, Meghalaya 793102

Price (per night) :
INR 5,500 per night (cottage)

What is included :

  • Accommodate 4 People Per Cottage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Can Arrange For A Bonfire (Upon Request)
  • Attached Bathrooms
  • Parking Facilities

Experience hosted by : Polish Kyndait

Know your host : I have been a tour guide for 8 years now. I have always tried my level best to make the trip as fun and knowledgable as much as I can. I have received several comments from the tourists who have visited this place and they have also described me as praiseworthy, loyal, knowledgeable and helpful.

Language : English & Khasi

Contact with the Host:
Phone No. : +91 8730925812
Email ID :