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West Garo Hills

Tura Peak

Akonngre, West Garo Hills

Tura (4 kms)

311 kms (via NH 17 and NH 217)

Nature, Sightseeing, Treks and Hikes

Guwahati Airport: 199 kms
Shilong Airport: 306 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 215 kms

Savour the beauty of the Garo Hills from a panoramic viewpoint, enjoy an invigorating trek through pristine forest, and observe rare mammals, birds and plants……

At close to 900 metres above sea level, Tura Peak is a haven for nature lovers and those interested in bird watching and photography. The hills around Tura are thriving with life – species like hornbills and gibbons are just some of the many treasures of this diverse and rich landscape. A trip to Tura Peak brings you up close to the beauty, as you climb up to one of the highest points in the district.

The moderately difficult Tura Peak hike – most visitors complete the journey in an hour or ninety minutes – is filled with scenery. The thick vegetation of the middle range gives way to cooler, temperate scenery as you approach the top. There is a tower on the summit from where you can soak in some stunning vistas of the town and the ranges beyond. Spot the winding Jinjiram River as it careens through the hills and drains into the western plains.

There are multiple routes that lead to Tura Peak. Early morning hikes are recommended as you can then listen to the orchestra of the forest in full flow – the chirping of myriad birds backed up by the hoots of the mysterious Hoolock gibbons. Carry binoculars for animal sightings along with lots of water.

Are you still up for more exploration around the amazing town for Tura. 13 km west of Tura Peak is Pelga Falls, a popular haunt for anglers and those who just want to find some peace in the refreshing spray of the waterfall.

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