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Phan Nonglait (Lady Hydari) Park

Barik Point, Shillong

Horticulture, Wildlife, Sightseeing, Photography

Guwahati Airport: 120 kms
Shilong Airport: 32 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 97 kms

Relish some quintessential Shillong scenes at the Phan Nonglait Park, admire the seasonal flowers, gaze at the pelicans and fish at the lake, and visit the mini-zoo and museum….

Phan Nonglait Park, formerly known as Lady Hydari Park is one of the many lungs of Shillong city and one of the most popular outdoor recreational areas. The flower beds and impeccably maintained lawns provide a colourful stage for a pleasant family getaway. There is a small lake with its resident population of pelicans that will keep you occupied and you can wander around the pathways to admire the scenery or relax on a park bench.

The mini zoo attached to the Phan Nonglait Park is another attraction – residents include various species of antelope, raptors, and small mammals. There is also a small museum on the premises where you can browse through exhibits that showcase the natural riches of the state.
Shillong comes alive in Lady Hydari Park as families and youngsters gather to play and jostle around on the soft grass. There are enough facilities for the kids to remain engaged and at the entrance of the park, you can tuck into a spectrum of street snacks and refreshments.

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