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West Jaintia Hills

Ialong & Syntu Ksiar


West Jaintia Hills


Jowai (7 kms)


65 kms


Sacred Grove, Culture, Scenery

Guwahati Airport: 180 kms
Shilong Airport: 70 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 156 kms

Take home vignettes of the simple Jaintia agrarian life and learn more about the symbolic and literal importance of sacred groves with a trip to Ialong…….

Located a few kilometres from the town of Jowai, Ialong is a serene getaway that offers visitors some soothing views of the Myntdu River. It is also the site of a sacred grove, giving curious visitors a glimpse into the symbiotic relationship between the people and nature. Take a pleasurable walk in Ialong eco-park, neatly maintained and featuring various trees and plant species. The eco-park also has a section where you can get panoramic views of the river valley. The paddy fields of Ialong are fed by the Myntdu and their different shades of green provide a palette for keen photographers.

Ialong is where the ‘noh sakyriet’ dance is held. Performers hold on to opposing ends of a wooden pole (a smoothened tree trunk) suspended perpendicularly on another pole that has been driven to the ground. The ‘noh sakyriet’ dance has no peer in terms of the visuals – resembling the rotating rotors of a helicopter or a merry-go-round. Another fascinating fact about the dance is that it is held only in Ialong.


The highway to Ialong is filled with scenic stops and traditional culinary experiences. As is the norm with travel in Meghalaya, make sure you stop at the local stalls and try out some Jaintia snacks with your red tea! We always recommend visitors in Meghalaya to spend more time wherever they go – staying options in Ialong include the Travellers’ Nest lodges designed according to vernacular styles and run by the community.

When you are travelling around Jowai, there are a few more nearby sights you should not miss. One striking example is Syntu Ksiar, a picnic spot by the Myntdu where you can visit the Kiang Nong Bah Memorial, dedicated to the most revered Jaintia freedom fighter. Syntu Ksiar is just 11 kms south of Ialong, on the other side of Jowai town. Other Jowai attractions are Tyrshi Falls and Thadlaskein Lake.

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Krangshuri Falls

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