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Chandigre Rural Village

Chandigre Village, Nokrek

Tura (30 Kms away)

305 kms (NH106)

Culture, Sight Seeing, Cuisine

Guwahati Airport: 193 kms
Shilong Airport: 300 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 209 kms

Celebrate the Garo way of life at Chandigre village.
Immerse yourself in their distinct architecture, cuisine, and traditional practices.

Chandigre embraces you with its orchards and plantations – offering visitors a glimpse into the lives of the Garos. It is a place where you can spend all day strolling around on paths lined by lush vegetation, vivid flower beds, and fruit trees.

The resort village is located in the foothills of the Nokrek Reserve, one of the biggest biodiversity hotspots in the sub-continent. Chandigre serves as a base for many who trek to the forest reserve.

A major highlight here is the local architecture, where visitors get to stay. The Garos build their living spaces using natural fibres and materials. Wander around Chandigre and explore the details of the traditional houses, known as Nok Achik in the local language. The Nok Pante is a dormitory and staying here is an essential rite of passage for young Garo males. The rice wine of the Garos, bitchi, is famous for its taste and rousing qualities – you can observe the brewery at Chandigre, known as the Chu Nok. You can also enjoy the local cuisine which is fresh and organic.

The entire resort is run by the village residents. Interact with your hosts here and observe the harmony they have with their beautiful and rich natural surroundings. We guarantee that you will walk away with precious nuggets of traditional knowledge.

Nearby Attractions

Those who want to explore the pristine, wild spaces of the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve will relish setting up camp at Chandigre and it is also very close to the Hoolock Gibbon sanctuary in Selbagre. Another attraction here is Rombagre, famous for its waterfall and fish sanctuary.

Hoolock Gibbon

Nokrek Biosphere Reserve

Tura Peak

Tura Peak

Balpakram National Park


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