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West Jaintia Hills


West Jaintia Hills

Amlarem (23 kms), Jowai (52 kms)

94 kms

Hiking, Waterfalls, Living Root Bridge, Scenery

Guwahati Airport: 208 kms
Shilong Airport: 117 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 185 kms

A trio of waterfalls, a hike along rushing streams, living root bridges and views of verdant mountains – all this in one scenic trail…

The highway roads flanked by paddy fields and pine-crested hillocks give way to steep slopes as one descends into Kudengrim, a cosy village perched in the Jaintia Hills. There are some quintessential Meghalayan sights and experiences on offer – with knowledgeable and friendly residents always there to guide you.

Kudengrim’s first main attraction is a twenty-minute hike from the main village. Make your way through a tranquil forest and tread under a dense canopy before you reach a magnificent wide-brimmed, segmented waterfall, the scene straight out of an adventure movie. Close to the cascade is a fascinating example of Meghalaya’s famous living architecture – the Kudengrim Living Root Bridge. Admire the two-levelled bridge, created by weaving the roots of the Ficus Elastica trees, the giant guardians of the forests here.

As you follow the course of the stream, you will encounter another beautiful waterfall, flowing like a curtain over the natural granite walls. Prepare to get a little wet as you negotiate bamboo paths and stream crossings to reach the Mukhre Step Falls, to complete the trio of waterfalls on this scenic hike. Catch some nice views from the bamboo skywalk and canopy hut.

There is a lot of walking involved for those who seek the complete Kudengrim experience so make sure that you are equipped with the right footwear and apparel. We always recommend visitors look for homestay options in the village itself so they can rest easy and enjoy the heavenly surroundings more.

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Amlarem Sub-division

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Spend at least a night here, most activities are possible during the day and around post-monsoon and winter.

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