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South Garo Hills

Baghmara (60 kms)
Williamnagar (127 kms)

167 kms

Hiking, Trekking, Wildlife, Folklore, Landscapes

Guwahati Airport : 385 kms

Welcome to the Garo underworld, where legends lurk and make their presence felt in the constant wind, and wild species find refuge in one of India’s last frontiers……

Balpakram, ‘the land of perpetual winds’, may not be well-known to the outside world but it is an important part of Garo folklore. Its unchartered jungles, massive cliffs, and powerful rivers have birthed many stories of the paranormal type, including that of the stalking ‘mandeburung’, or man of the jungle, straight out of the cryptozoologist’s handbook. If these tales don’t inspire you to tread through its forest paths, Balpakram National Park is also a treasure trove of animal and plant life, including the endangered wild water buffalo. Designated as the land of the spirits by local lore, a Balpakram experience blends the natural with the mystical.

As you travel along the scenic Garo countryside, watch out for the surprises along the way – including an abundance of pitcher plants, an insectivorous enigma that will interest any botanist. The mighty Simsang River defines the landscape. On the plateau-top, you will get expansive views of the National Park’s main canyon and the many waterfalls that barrage down from the cliff-side. Despite its comparatively small size, Balpakram is considered the last stand of the rarest plant and animal species not found anywhere else. During winters, you can enjoy sightings of animals like elephants and it is also the time for ground orchids to bloom.

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