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Mawphlang Sacred Groves

East Khasi Hills


26 kms

Sacred Grove, Culture, Nature, Hike

Guwahati Airport: 140 kms
Shilong Airport: 53 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 117 kms

An untouched forest that is the soul of Khasi culture, Mawphlang is home to the most celebrated of all the ‘law-kyntang’ or ancient sacred groves of Meghalaya.

For centuries now, Khasi customs and traditions have been woven into the land and the forests. One of these forests still retains its significance today – the Sacred Groves of Mawphlang. Visitors are not allowed to take anything away from this hallowed forest, not even a pebble or a twig. The dark canopy above and soft humus under your feet will transport you to a primaeval age – a contrast from the green meadows and sprightly pines that dominate the surrounding hills.

Apart from rare plants, mushrooms, and trees, the forest is also home to old coronation and sacrificial sites. This was where Khasi kings and ceremonial leaders (Ki Lyngdoh) had their meetings and new chiefs were anointed here. The sites are marked with monoliths, still reminders of a dignified past as the forest creeps around them.

The Sacred Groves of Mawphlang are experiencing a revival in popularity because of the conservation message. When you are done soaking in the greenery and exploring the forest, head over to the Khasi Heritage Village where you can admire the different styles of vernacular architecture and design.

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