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Eastern West Khasi Hills

Kyllang Rock

Nongkhlaw, Eastern West Khasi Hills

Mairang (14 kms)

59 kms

Activities, Hiking, Nature, Sightseeing

Guwahati Airport: 105 kms
Shilong Airport: 84 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 149 kms

Like a behemoth striking out of the placid, pine dotted landscape, Kyllang Rock is steeped in folklore. Enjoy a brisk climb to the top and get a bird’s eye view of the Nongkhlaw region and beyond….

Kyllang Rock is an impressive natural monolith – a giant grey dome that juts out of the pine forests of West Khasi Hills. There is a path which you can climb along with rest stops and summer houses along the way. The view from the top of the rock is spectacular – from green woods and quaint villages to mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets if you time your hike accordingly. Lum Kyllang is a geological marvel – an imposing rock formation that is about a thousand feet wide at its most prominent girth. Another attraction here is the presence of rare white rhododendrons scattered across the depressions and bushes at the base of the dome. Old oaks and various native flora add to the natural diversity of the area.

It would be a travesty to visit this majestic natural formation without unearthing the legend that the Khasis have built around it. Lum Kyllang is believed to the result of a battle between two old gods, Kyllang and Symper, where they threw large rocks and mud at each other – a clash of the titans right here in the abode of clouds.

Try to reach Lum Kyllang by daybreak to catch the scenery in an otherworldly glow. Throw in a basket picnic and enjoy a scrumptious meal after sweating it out a little. Make sure you carry water and do not leave any litter behind. Leave early from Shillong so you avoid the morning traffic rush and enjoy the breezy drive through narrow country lanes and pass by hidden paddy fields.

Best time to Visit – October to April is a good time to explore Lum Kyllang or Kyllang rock since the weather is clear and the landscape is dry and friendlier to explore. Monsoon conditions make the climb slippery and dangerous.

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Best Route :
Hit the NH106 to Nongkhlaw, 14 km s west of Mairang

Best Time :
Daytime Activity, Dry seasons are best for the hike (October/November to April/May)

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+91 9856057455

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