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West Khasi Hills


West Khasi Hills

Nongstoin (35 kms)

71 kms

Activities, Nature, Kayaking, Hiking, Stargazing, Sightseeing

Guwahati Airport: 129 kms
Shilong Airport: 97 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 162 kms

Visit a picturesque highland getaway – gentle meadows sprinkled with half a dozen lakes, panoramic views, idyllic rustic scenes, and more….

Picturesque high-altitude meadows sprinkled with small lakes and cottages – that is one way to describe Mawphanlur. An overnight trip is recommended so you can enjoy the starlit skies and cool temperatures that come with the night time. The biggest visual attraction of Mawphanlur is the verdant scenery that would make a romantic poet gush. Think of chirping birds, the occasional wandering calf with a bell, and friendly canines frolicking on the grass. Your Mawphanlur journey can be an activity-filled trip. Kayaking facilities are available on some of the lakes while there are many large boulders around the place where you can try some of your climbing (and stumbling) skills. If you are a photography fanatic then the landscapes provide a great stage for some natural portraits.

Hikers will enjoy the quiet environs of Mawphanlur – the walk to nearby Mawthadraishan is recommended. On clear days, one can marvel at the endless frontiers from this vantage point. Locals will tell you that on the most unclouded mornings, you can even catch a glimpse of the Eastern Himalayas with the Khasi hills and beyond them, the plains of Assam stretching on the foreground.

Best time to visit – October to April is ideal. With upgraded lodging facilities, Mawphanlur can be termed a year-round destination since many come to see the rain swept landscapes during the monsoons.

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Phan Nonglait Park

Phan Nonglait Park

Lum Kyllang, West Khasi Hills

Kyllang Rock

Double Decker Root Bridge, Nongriat

Nongriat Root Bridges

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