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Mawsmai Cave - Sohra

Mawsmai Village, Sohra

58 kms

Nature, Sightseeing, Caving, Photography, Hiking

Guwahati Airport: 171 kms
Shilong Airport: 83 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 148 kms

Get a taste of Meghalaya’s vast subterranean cave system in Mawsmai – unique formations, underground pools, fossils, and more……

You do not have to be a professional spelunker to get a taste of Meghalaya’s cave systems. Mawsmai Cave is located at a short distance from Sohra and is an easy attraction to access and explore. There are some places inside the cave where you will need to squeeze around and crawl – and this adds to the experience of cave exploration. The Mawsmai cave route that is accessible to tourists is not very long and is very safe so you do not want to miss out on this unique opportunity. The cave is also famous for its fossils, some which you can spot if you spend some time peering at the walls and formations inside.

The ten longest caves (and more) in the country are all in Meghalaya. These subterranean networks spread across the southern ranges like a complex network of routes formed by the erosion of limestone and unrelenting flow of water. Mawsmai offers a glimpse into this fascinating world underneath our feet.

The approach to the Mawsmai caves is a pleasant one – a short walk through a thickly wooded area which is constantly filled with the chirps of birds and creaking of insects. Many travellers like to relax or take a stroll in the surrounding forests after they have visited the cave.

Getting to Mawsmai Cave – The busy and scenic Shillong-Sohra road will get you to Mawsmai. Leave behind the undulating meadows and travel on the edge of vast canyons with dense vegetation. A stop at Mawkdok is recommended for a quick chai and spectacular views. Ziplining facilities are also available at this favoured pit stop.

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