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Shillong to Tura – 305 kms west on the SH1
Guwahati to Tura – 219 kms west on the NH17 and NH217

The largest town in the Garo Hills, Tura will appeal to nature lovers because of the greenery that one finds everywhere here. The town blends into the forest rather than intruding into it and the nearby wildlife even can be seen visiting some of the neighbourhoods. Tura is an ideal base for those who seek adventure in the Garo Hills, a town where the authentic Garo way of life is as strong as ever. During the Wangala season, the 100 Drums Festival in nearby Asanang is a perfect getaway for culture lovers and Tura is also close to Nokrek National Park, one of the natural gems of Meghalaya. The community-run Chandigre Village Resort will wow you with its faithful representation of tribal life – from the architecture to the food. Apart from treks to Tura peak and visits to nearby gibbon sanctuaries, visitors can also enjoy the distinctive cuisine of the Garos in Tura.

If you are travelling from Shillong, we recommend the SH1 route – one of the most scenic routes in the region as you pass through the mesmerizing West Khasi Hills landscape before entering the low-forested hills of the Garo Hills. Polo Orchid and Rikman Continental are popular hotels in town and there are many smaller guesthouses and homestays.

Top Attractions in Tura

Chandigre Tourism Resort
Hoolock Gibbon
Tura Peak
Tura Peak
Rongbangdare Falls