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Rongbangdare Waterfalls

Tura-Williamnagar Road, Rongram, West Garo Hills

Tura (37 Kms away)

269 kms

Activity, Nature, Sightseeing, Picnic

Guwahati Airport: 199 kms
Shilong Airport: 306 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 215 kms

Relax by the pool of a waterfall, take a dip in cool waters, climb the boulders by the stream and get beautiful views of the greenery that the Garo Hills are famous for……

Cutting across the rugged and forested terrain, the Simsang and its tributaries have created many waterfalls in the Garo Hills region. Rongbangdare Waterfalls is one of the more popular and visually stunning landmarks of this naturally rich region. You will need to negotiate a cool and fresh mountain stream to get a clear view – there is an attractive and sturdy hanging bridge for those who want to avoid getting wet.

The bridge also gives you a unique vantage point if you want to take some pictures of the gushing stream and the lush vegetation that cradles the waterfalls.

You can follow the water from the banks and hike to the head of the falls – it is a steady, at times steep, climb and offers adventurous visitors a chance to see the distinctive and sub-tropical flora up close, including the groves of plantains that dominate the area. Do not attempt any deep forays into the forest without a local guide. You can also relax at the bottom of the falls – enjoy the spray of the cascades as they bounce on the rocks. There are some spots where you can sit on a boulder and get your feet splashed by the cool currents. Tuck into a light picnic with this mesmerizing backdrop – even the simplest food will taste heavenly in such a setting.

Although the waterfalls is perennial, the best time to visit would be the dry seasons (February to April) for picnics and hikes, and the monsoons if you are interested in catching the waterfall in its most powerful form. Bunch this site up with other Tura spots.

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