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Nongriat Root Bridges

Nongriat Village


65 kms via SH1

Trekking, Nature, Culture, Traditional Practices, Sightseeing

Guwahati Airport: 179 kms
Shilong Airport: 91 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 156 kms

Natural bridges weaved from the giant roots of trees that last for generations, root bridges showcase the harmony that the Khasi tribe has with nature. Visit one of the most documented examples of this traditional architecture, a double-decker bridge in the heart of a deep, forested valley…..

The descent to the Nongriat double-decker root bridge is an epic one. You begin at the tip of the valley close to the village of Tyrna and climb down approximately 3000 steps. On the way, there are plenty of stunning vistas and natural sights to soak in.

The root bridges of Meghalaya are an enigma, an integral part of the old Khasi lifestyle that dates back to the times when trekking through thick forests and negotiating fast-flowing rivers was a part of the routine. Nongriat’s double-decker root bridge is unique because of its multi-level formation – it took years for these beautiful examples of botanical architecture to develop. There are some pools nearby surrounded with rocks where you can sit and relax – the neatly maintained food stalls will ensure that you will not be famished after your journey.

Are you ready for more adventure? Beyond the double-decker bridge, a short but intense trek leads to the Rainbow Falls, known for its turquoise pool and giant boulders. Pass through tranquil betel nut plantations before you enter a proper jungle trail – the sight at the end of this extended adventure is completely worth it.

The Nongriat root bridges require a certain level of fitness to reach. Give yourself an entire day to complete the trek back and forth – staying the night over in one of the many guest houses is a better idea as it gives you a chance to enjoy the pleasing scenery and climb back at your own pace.

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Vehicles can drop you till Tyrna Village, from where your climb begins.

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Spend at least one night, most activities are perfect for morning and afternoon with ample daylight.

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