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Dainthlen Falls - Sohra


56 kms

Nature, Culture, Sightseeing, Photography

Guwahati Airport: 168 kms
Shilong Airport: 80 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 145 kms

A waterfall with a powerful legend tucked amidst Sohra’s dramatic table-top landscape……

Dainthlen is one of the most powerful sights you will come across, a gushing waterfall that cuts through the hard rocks and the high plateau of Sohra before it cascades down into lush forests. It is also a culturally significant place for the Khasi tribe.

During the drier seasons, you will be able to negotiate the hard, rocky pot-holed river bed leading to the falls. According to local folktales, this spot is where a great battle was fought. The Thlen was a giant serpent, an embodiment of evil who was finally vanquished by the local residents of an ancient village that is now Sohra. The thundering sound of the Dainthlen Falls, the open landscape, the surrounding hillocks, and the capricious winds that constantly blow here provide an apt setting for such a grand legend.

The Dainthlen Falls is a straight drop of around 80 metres. The viewpoint is on either side of the falls so you can see its natural splendour from up close behind the safety of a railing. You will also enjoy exploring the terrain around Dainthlen on foot. From wandering cows to rare birds, there are many surprises in store as you find your way along the gentle grassy rises and dips, punctuated by little hills and streams.

Getting to Dainthlen Falls and Nearby Attractions – If you are travelling from Shillong, Dainthlen Falls requires a short detour just before you enter the town of Sohra (Cherrapunjee). On the way, there are many scenic places where you can stop and soak in the sights. Resorts and picnic areas are also available in the surrounding area. Wei Saw Dong Falls provides another captivating sight, located downstream of Dainthlen Falls.

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