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Marngar Lake

Umling Block, Ri-Bhoi, District

Nongpoh (15 kms)

58 kms

Boating, Sightseeing, Picnic Site

Guwahati Airport: 76 kms
Shilong Airport: 53 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 53 kms

Spend an afternoon by the serene, placid waters of Marngar Lake - enjoy a drive through picturesque hills lined with paddy fields and plantations, and buy local produce at the town of Nongpoh….

Marngar Lake is a charming water body located in the lush, green hills of Bhoi and is a favourite for picnickers and those seeking a quiet place to enjoy some nice views and fresh air. You can spend your afternoon with a book sitting on the grassy lawns. There are thatched huts and summer houses in place across the property and visitors can take a nice walk on a stony path that accompanies the bank of the lake. A wooden bridge spanning across adds an extra visual detail that photographers will love.

The Bhoi district is quite distinct from the higher elevations of central Meghalaya – it has a more tropical vibe to it and is known for its rich soil and verdant scenery, along with mild climate. Marngar Lake is close to Nongpoh town, which is halfway between Guwahati and Shillong. Getting there involves a wonderful, winding drive from the valley into the forested hills.

A stop at Nongpoh is also recommended. You can explore the markets and stalls and pick up locally grown fruits and the famous pickles of the region. The pineapples grown here are known all over for their sweet, succulent taste. Bameri Resort is close to Marngar Lake and favoured by visitors who want to enjoy the gentle climate and scenes of Bhoi.

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Best Route :
East of Nongpoh Town on the NH6

Opening Time :
06:00 AM – 06:00 PM

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+91 7005199957

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