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East Khasi Hills

Laitlum & Smit

East Khasi Hills


22 kms

Scenic Drives, Culture, Treks, Nature, Adventure

Guwahati Airport: 123 kms
Shilong Airport: 60 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 100 kms

Smit and the surrounding regions will overwhelm you with the visuals - from dramatic canyons and royal celebrations to patterned farmlands straight out of a storybook……

Smit is known for its countryside scenery – a place famous for its horticultural wealth and also of major cultural significance. The ‘iing-sad’ is a residence of the traditional royals of the region and is host to the famous Nongkrem Dance every year around November.
Smit is also adjacent to one of Meghalaya’s natural wonders – our very own grand canyon – Laitlum. Stroll through the pine-flanked country paths and stand on the edge of the grassy plateau and the mountains open up into a deep chasm. There are treks you can enjoy down to the valley settlements below or you can stay where you are and try to spot waterfalls and streams at the distance. Laitlum is around 22 kms from Shillong. Smit and the larger Nongkrem region is also filled with many nature trails and cycling enthusiasts can connect with local cycling groups to enjoy some exhilarating off-road perspectives.

There are many nearby attractions that you can add as detours. If viewpoints are your thing, then Shillong Peak is the most famous one. It provides views of the entire town and is the highest point in the state at 1960 metres above sea level. We like to believe that the observatory deck located here – complete with a telescope – helps us gain a few more metres. Around the peak region, there are some interesting stops and photographers will always find a reason to linger as the terrain shifts from open pine meadows to sub-tropical repeatedly, interrupted by neat patterns of vegetable cultivations.
Accommodation in Shillong town would be ideal for a Smit trip because of the proximity but if you want to have a more rustic getaway we would suggest you choose one of many upcoming homestays in and around Smit and Nongkrem region.

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Elephant Falls

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Best Route :
Head South from Shillong via NH6

Best Times :
All-year destination, Dry seasons are best for hikes and explorations

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