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About Shillong Rental & their Objectives

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Shillong Rental is a two-wheeler rental agency located in Malki, Meghalaya, which began operations a few years ago. The core objective of Shillong Rental is to provide tourists with easy access to affordable and safe transportation while exploring Meghalaya. The agency is centred around catering to the needs of tourists traveling to the states and helps them avoid the hassle of relying on public transport, which can be inconvenient for new visitors. Shillong Rental aims to offer its services to a broad range of visitors, understanding that travel should not be reserved solely for the well-to-do, as the purpose of each person visiting the state can vary. The agency’s goal is to incorporate a sense of welcome and value in every person visiting the states, embracing different cultures and respecting their languages. As a two-wheeler enthusiast who has played a part as a tourist in another region of the country, Shillong Rental understands the importance of a two-wheeler and the freedom it offers, combined with the locals’ welcoming attitude. This counts towards warm experiences and a memorable trip. Shillong Rental recognizes this desire among travellers to be able to explore destinations freely and immerse themselves in the breath-taking wonders of nature and beautiful architecture that make life easier for travellers. Comfort and personal space are of utmost importance to people when traveling, and they desire to be well-treated and respected. Safety and security are also critically important to Shillong Rental, as well as the experiences of visitors to the State. The agency wants to leave a lasting impression that will remain close to the hearts of its customers.

Shillong Rental provides self-ridden motorcycles, including scooters and bikes, for rent. Renting packages can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, with the added benefit of personalized hotel reservations and detailed trips. Pick-up and drop facilities are available at the required location. To rent a two-wheeler, customers can visit the Shillong Rental website or connect directly on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. A driving license is mandatory, and national identity cards like Aadhar cards, EPIC cards, and Passports are accepted as identification proof. After booking, Shillong Rental shares its terms and conditions with customers for their reference. Once the customer agrees to the terms and conditions, payment is initiated, and the two-wheeler is handed over to the customer. The two-wheeler stays with the customer until the rental ends. Rental charges for scooters start from 700 rupees for 24 hours, while bike charges are from 1000 rupees for 24 hours. Rental charges may vary from time to time and depend on the season. The charges are flexible and can be customized to the individual requirements of the customer. The travel industry and tourism are always interlinked, and when both of these industries are in sync with each other, they bring about a successful visit for every person in the State.


1. Delivery/Payment process:

  • Booking will be confirmed after booking fee is paid for the vehicle.
  • Security amount and rental fee must be paid at the time of taking the vehicle.
  • Security amount will be refunded after the rental ends. Vehicle will not be delivered without paying the security deposit and the rental charges separately.
  • Vehicle pick up and drop point will be the same at Malki, Shillong.
  • The person renting the vehicle must take the delivery, vehicle will not be handed to any other person.

2. Documents:

  • Valid Two-Wheeler Driving License (DL), one original Photo identity card (Voter ID, Aadhar card) has to be submitted at the time of renting. Documents will be return at the end of rental.
  • Pan Card will not be accepted as an identity card.

3. Renting a helmet:

  • Helmet is compulsory for both rider and pillion.
  • Stolen helmets/damage helmets will be charged to the lessee.

4. Use of vehicle:

  • Only the lessee (person availing the rental) is permitted to operate the vehicle.
  • The lessee must return the vehicle within the rental period, if the return is delayed (regardless of any circumstances) the lessee will be charged for the rest of the day.
  • The rental is only in ]the states of Meghalaya. Travelling outside the state is not allowed. d. Flip-flops, sandals, chappals or shorts pants is not allowed. Shoes, full length pants and proper riding gear is necessary.
  • No overtaking from the LEFT side of any vehicle/no overtaking in turning/blind spot, please follows lane discipline strictly and be very cautious in hilly area. These are narrow roads and they can be very dangerous.
  • The lessee shall use the vehicle entirely at his/her own risk and agrees that lessor will not accept any responsibility or be held accountable for any loss, injury or death as a result of, or leading from the hire of the vehicle.
  • Lessee is responsible for his insurance; Lessor will not be responsible for any accidental expenses of Rider, even in the case of death. In any case of unfortunate circumstances, (accident, fatality that leads to the death of the lessee or the pillion rider) resulting from the operation of the vehicle, the lessor will not bare any responsibility even if this is caused by any unavoidable circumstances or third party (involving another vehicle, person, animal, etc)
  • The two-wheeler has a capacity of TWO (2) people, not more than 2 people.
  • If the vehicle is return in dirty/muddy condition, 150 rupees extra will be charged for washing, this is a separate charge and it is not included in the rental charge. j. Please Park the vehicle in a safe, gated place. Do not park on road side over night!

5. Prohibited use of vehicle:

  • Strictly No speeding and No racing. The vehicle should not be used for rally, protest rides, news media usage. Do not park in an unsafe place and in “No Parking Zone”.
  • Stunt riding, off-roading, drunk driving is strictly prohibited. The vehicle should not be use as a practice vehicle. Carrying luggage/any other items are not allowed.
  • The vehicle should not be used in any forms of illegal activities that could lead to the confiscating of the vehicle/imprisonment of the rider/or any crime punishable under the law.
  • Rental is only for the lessee. No sub renting the vehicle to other party.

6. Damage policy:

  • Accident, stolen motorcycle, stolen parts, vehicle damages, traffic fines, booting charge, parking charge and any other damages or violation is the lessee responsibility.
  • Assistance will be provided only if the vehicle brake down due to its own mechanical failure, this doesn’t include Tyre puncture and any breakdown resulting from rough riding on bad roads and improper usage or negligence of basic maintenance.
  • The lessee is held responsibility for brake down due to failing of properly maintaining the vehicle while at his/her disposal.
  • Damages to the third-party vehicle or any person involved at the time of accident or any unavoidable/natural circumstances has to be paid by the lessee.

7. Fuel policy:

  • Rental package doesn’t include fuel. Full tank of fuel will be provided and the vehicle should also be return with full tank of fuel.
  • If the vehicle is return with less than fuel tank, the lessee will be charged for full tank refuelling and an inconvenient fee of 50 rupees extra.

8. Maintenance:

  • Lessee is liable for checking engine oil/brake oil/coolant level/chain lubing & chain adjustment/brake pads etc… and maintaining the vehicle while on the trip. Any mechanical failures should be reported immediately.
  • Lessee is held responsible in case of a mechanical failure resulting due to negligence of basic maintenance while on the trip.

9. Cancellation Policy:

  • Booking charges are non-refundable. Booking once cancelled, can’t be re-claim again. Fresh booking and new payment have to be made for fresh reservation.
  • Full amount has to be paid if the booking is cancelled regardless of any circumstances.
  • By agreeing to this release, the (rider/lessee) certifies that he/she has read this release and fully understand it and not relying on any statements or represntations of any of the released parties, and have been given the opportunity and sufficient time to read and ask questions regarding this release.
  • One signed copy of the agreement is to be kept by each party.