Travel to Meghalaya is restricted now

The State follows strict social distancing and other appropriate safety norms

Meghalaya is looking forward to welcoming you from May 5th, 2021. To ensure your visit is safe and comfortable, the Government of Meghalaya urges you to follow the given CONTACTLESS protocols.

  1. All tourists who wish to visit the State of Meghalaya from May 5th, 2021, will need to mandatorily register on the Meghalaya Tourism App and generate an E-Invite for the proposed itinerary. The Meghalaya Tourism App is available on both the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and the APPLE STORE. The E-Invite can be generated on this WEBSITE. Additionally, services of Registered Tour Operators, LISTED HERE and on the Meghalaya Tourism App, can also be used to obtain an E-Invite.
  2. A valid Photo ID card needs to be uploaded on the Meghalaya Tourism App including that of other members who are traveling in the group. Members travelling together can register and generate one E-Invite.
  3. It is mandatory to book the first night’s stay (Either Hotel/Homestay/Guest House) for the first night and declaration of the complete itinerary for the E-Invite to be generated.
  4. If the tourist is staying as a guest of any family or friend in Meghalaya, then the tourist shall declare the full address and contact details of the family or friend and the complete itinerary for the E-Invite to be generated.
  5. Once the above is completed, the tourist will receive an E-Invite that should be presented at the entry checkpoints along with a COVID negative certificate.
  6. For any query please send us a message on this number (+918132011037) via WhatsApp or Text Message for a quick call back from our Meghalaya Tourism Helpline Team (from 10am – 8pm on working days)

Mandatory COVID Negative Report

  1. a. RT-PCR Testing at Entry Points is mandatory for all persons visiting the State irrespective of any other COVID-negative test reports.
    b. Persons coming from Maharashtra / Delhi / UP/ Bihar /West Bengal /Karnataka and Kerala:
    No exemption from testing even if they possess a valid final certificate of vaccination.
    Sample for RT-PCR testing shall be taken at the entry point on payment basis. Such persons shall proceed to their residence or place of stay and shall be quarantined until the test results are declared.
  2. The RAT Negative Test is not valid for Tourists who are entering the state.
  3. Given the prevailing COVID-19 situation, it is advised that tourists having symptoms should not travel. Such symptomatic individuals, even with a COVID Negative report, will be mandatorily tested at the Entry Points as per the protocols of the Health and Family Welfare Department.

Go through the advisories

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