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  • Things to do: Sprawling over an area of 12.80 hectares, Ialong Park is known for its sacred groves and a viewpoint which offers breath-taking views of Pynthorwah Valley. A variety of flowers, some native to Meghalaya adorn the park. One can sit on the grassy slopes and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset from the park. The place offers a picturesque view of the paddy fields on the banks of River Myntdu. Treks & camp sites along the meandering Myntdu River are arranged all year round except the rainy season. Besides, the park also hosts monthly archery competitions for the local inhabitants as well as tourists.
  • Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  • How to reach: It is approximately 66 kms from Shillong and 7 kms from Jowai. A taxi can be taken from both Shillong or Jowai
  • Recommended Duration: 2 hrs – 4 hrs