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Descent to Nongriat

Double Decker Root Bridge, Nongriat

The descent to Nongriat should be timed early. As you walk down the slopes from the roadside village of Tyrna, you will enjoy the spectacular scenery of green mountains embracing you like a wall. Rivers and bridges ambush you at many turns and in the base of the valley, one will find the iconic double-decker root bridge. Chill by the cool pools (you deserve it) or if you have some more energy left and it is the right season – head further into the forest trails and visit the Rainbow Falls. Visitors can stay back overnight – that is usually recommended, but if you have a schedule to keep, you can climb back up the same day.


If you are not up for the steep hike down to Nongriat Village, there are several other places around Sohra that you can explore to fill in the day. Seven Sisters Falls with its viewpoint is a nice detour. The short hike to the head of Nohkalikai Falls promises excellent views and diverse landscape.