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The Mawhphlang Sacred Groves

The Mawhphlang Sacred Groves

Mawphlang is a village in Meghalaya’s East Khasi Hills district, 25 kilometers from Shillong. During the 1890s, Mawphlang was the hub of the Presbyterian Church of Wales’ missionary and medical activities in the Khasi Hills. One of the main attractions of this village is the sacred grove that lies in the area, since indigenous and traditional communities in the state not only consider the medicinal woods and plants in the area to be holy in nature but also consider the area itself to be sacred and holy. According to the villagers, this area carries extreme significance to them as it serves as a link between nature and man.

 Accessibility :

  • Location: Mawphlang
  • Distance from Shillong airport: 1hr 45mins (51.6 km)
  • Distance from Guwahati Airport: 4hr 18mins (127.8 km)

Experience Package Price (per day/overnight): INR 2000/-

Location: Mawphlang

Duration of the trip: 5-hour day trip.

Best months to visit: May to October.


  • Walking across the picturesque forest trail in the Sacred Grove.
  • Viewing of Monoliths, mysticism, and sacrifices.
  • Visiting Khasi Heritage villages.
  • A full trek inside the forest and view of its scenic beauty.

–> Visiting the David Scott Trail, a 16 Km journey taking 4-5 hours which includes a view of :

    • Korshonmai, Mawkorsahep.
    • A Suspension bridge.
    • Laitsohma village. (Maggie point).
    • Arch bridges.
    • The Kor par kti trails.
    • The exit point of Lad Mawphlang.

Experience Package price: INR 2000/- per person
Does the package include food and beverages: Yes, Complimentary breakfast, extra mattress (Rs 500)

Duration of the trip: 5 hours day trip.
The number of guests: There is no limit.
Hosted in which language: English and Khasi.
Best months to visit: May to October.

Accommodation/places to stay 

  • Name: Balari Homestay
  • Price : INR 2000/- (per night)
  • Does the package include food and beverages: Yes, Complimentary breakfast, extra mattress (Rs 500)

Name of host: Wanshaibor Wahlang

About the host: Wanshaibor is a qualified local guide who was born in Mawphlang. He is well-versed in the area and is well-known for delivering guided tours to groups of visitors. He plays a significant role in improving the experience of the guests.

Contact number and email of Host:

  • Phone no: +91-9366221706
  • Email: