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The locally crafted ‘Living Root Bridges’ of Jowai: A once-in-a-lifetime Adventure

Kudengrim, being the main area of focus in this experience hosts the most impressive and well-maintained living root bridge in the area and has a variety of activities that the villagers curate for tourists. Some of these activities include visiting the scenic waterfalls and lakes along with the majestic flora and fauna of the area. Apart from the living root bridge, the village itself is an amazing sight to see in its entirety. Before approaching the steps which lead to the root bridge, there is a picturesque tree house that one can climb and relax while taking in the views. Apart from this, there is a concrete bridge overlooking a beautiful lake where there is a large number of fish. This bridge acts as a point where the tourists can feed the fish and take some beautiful photos.

The descent towards the living root bridge may appear to be fairly steep to those who are not used to travelling and taking lengthy hikes, but the steps are well built and it is not as difficult as it may appear. Tourists, however, are not advised to visit during the rainy season (June to August) as the steps going down can be rather slippery when wet, which makes the journey down to the bridge more difficult.

Location: East Jaintia Hills.
Nearest town: Amlarem.
Experience Package Price (per day): starting at INR 2,000/- per head or based on a customised itinerary.

Duration of the experience: 2 days and 2 nights.

Distance: 222km from Guwahati Airport.
114km from Shillong Airport.

If one is up for an adventure, Padu is another village which hosts another living root bridge. This is so because the voyage to this village provides an experience unlike any other.

One great feature of the living root bridge in this region is that it is situated next to a crystal clear lake, which the residents use for swimming. The path leading to this bridge is well-built. Presently, there is a cable ropeway being built from the bridge to the village with its future completion promising to be of great help to the people of this region.

Location: East Jaintia Hills.
Nearest town: Amlarem.

Distance: 210km from Guwahati Airport.
103km from Shillong Airport.

The fascinating beauty of the Nongbareh living root bridge, located in the village centre, is well renowned. This double-span bridge spans the Amayalee River and a road going to the Umngot River. This bridge is well-known for its stunning design. It connects the banks of two rivers and offers stunning natural architecture. The bridge is a historic building that is said to be more than a century old.

Another stunning site that has lured many tourists is the Shmia Syntem area near this village. The descent to the riverbed, which is located along the Umngot river walkways, takes about an hour.

Location: East Jaintia Hills.
Nearest town: Amlarem.

Distance: 217km from Guwahati Airport.
109km from Shillong Airport.

  • Trek to the living root bridges.
  • Sightseeing of the village areas.
  • Visit scenic waterfalls.
  • Swimming activities in the lakes nearby the Padu bridge.
  • Enjoying the local cuisine.
  • Relaxing views atop the Kudengrim tree house.
  • Visit the Amlarem Market.

Amenities/Facilities available:

  • Pick up points from Amlarem.
  • Local food stalls are available nearby.
  • Local shops and stores are also available nearby.
  • Good mobile network.
  • Motorable roads.

Number of guests allowed: 15.

Hosted in which language: Khasi and English.

Best months(s) to visit: Autumn and winter months of September to January.

Name: Amshlai Homestay.

Price (per night):  INR 1,500/- for a double-bed room.

Does the package include food and beverages: Yes, depending on the requirements of the tourist or visitor.

Name of the host : Costlymore. P. Hayong

About the host : Costlymore is a resident of Kudengrim and is one of the few qualified local guides in the area. He oversees all the tourist activities that take place in Kudengrim. Costlymore is also friendly to tourists and visitors and is a near-perfect portrayal of the people of Kudengrim who are also friendly and hospitable. He is an experienced tour guide who is highly knowledgeable and well informed on the ins and outs of not just his home town, but also of the neighbouring villages of Nongbareh, Padu and Khonglah.

Contact number and email of Host:
Phone No. : +91 7005085765