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Deingsong's fresh and luscious Jams and Squash juices

Jams and Squash juices

MS Croasis Infosystems is the organization that runs the food processing unit in Sohra Rim(Diengsong) as well as being the host for this experience. They make an assortment of jams and squash juices that have been made with a minimal amount of preservatives, only using pulp and sugar as the additives. Their extensive research and knowledge of the fruits and how these fruits should be processed has made their jams and juices the freshest and tastiest in the region. Since they are well known for their quality and taste, these jams and juices are sold and distributed all over India, and plans to scale up and improve their business are in place. Furthermore, they also sell a variety of pickles and an organic variant of local honey.

Other than tasting and getting a first-hand experience of how these jams and juices are made, one can also view the scenic village of Diengsong from a viewpoint nearby which also has an amazing trekking route.


Distance from Shillong Airport: 69.9 km (2 hours and 22 minutes).
Distance from Guwahati Airport: 154.1 km (4 hours 45 minutes).

Experience Package Price (per person): INR 500/-

Duration of the experience: Day visit from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Location: Diengsong Village, East Khasi Hills District.


  • Tasting the delicious jams and juices.
  • Visiting a local honey farm nearby.
  • Viewing the beautiful village of Diengsong.
  • Trekking to Diengsong.
  • Getting a first-hand experience of how these jams and juices are made.

Amenities/Facilities available:

  • Good network facilities are available.
  • Motorable roads.
  • Parking Arrangement.

Hosted in which language: Khasi and English.

Name: IBASA Homestay

Price (per night):  INR 2000/-

Does the package include food and beverages: Based on Requirements.
Local food shops are available in nearby places.

Name of the host: Kerlang Khonglam

Know your host: Kerlang Khonglam is a local entrepreneur and environmental enthusiast. Apart from being one of the main members running this food processing unit at Sohrahrim, he also runs a homestay for tourists in Laitmawsiang and has a hand in many other projects. He is also an M.Sc graduate in Environmental Science and has worked as a Research Fellow for the Conservation of Threatened Plants in the Indian Himalayan Region.

Contact with the Host :
Phone No. : +91 8259846278