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The timeless “fossil hike” of Mawsynram


Mawsynram has many villages under its banner for tourism activities, and many more places that have been left untouched. Janiaw village is one center known for having many fossil sights along the ravines, caves, and some embedded in the walls and rocks. There is also a vertical drop canyon with deep cracks formed by tectonic shifts. Another area of interest is Weikynmei which is one of the area’s largest waterfalls, which can be seen from Laitkynsew village; upstream there are caves and natural pools that can be accessed through hikes with well-known guides of the area. There are also rock formations with some being deep enough to form tunnels inside along the riverbed.


Location: Mawsynram

  • Distance from Shillong airport: 3hr 1min
  • Distance from Guwahati airport: 5hr and 31min

Best months(s) to visit: January to June & August to December.

Experience Package Price(In Details):

  1. Pax: 2 pax Package type: Day Trip with complimentary breakfast Stay: Day Trip Per person (INR): 1300.00 Total Amount (INR): 2600.00
  2. Pax: 10 pax Package type: Day Trip with complimentary breakfast Stay: Day Trip Per person (INR): 1100.00 Total Amount (INR): 11000.00
  3. Pax: 2 pax Package type: Overnight stay with complimentary breakfast Stay: Homestay Per person (INR): 2550.00 Total Amount (INR): 5100.00
  4. Pax: 10 pax Package type: Overnight stay with complimentary breakfast Stay: Camping Per person (INR): 1850.00 Total Amount (INR): 18500.00


  • Hiking towards the starting point of the cave.
  • Viewing of the many rock formations and fossils that can be found. Marble deposits are also seen in some potholes.
  • Looking at the seasonal and wild orchids which are only found in the state and wild flora visible during the hike.
  • Catch some panoramic views of the Bangladeshi plains.
  • Swimming in several natural pools surrounding the location.

Does the package include food and beverages: Yes – as per the package:

Name of Restaurant:
Meghalaya Vacation Home –

  • Packed meals at the destination – homemade meals
  • Restaurant – Mawsynram (Self-packed)

Amenities/Facilities available:
Basic caving equipment and safety equipment

Duration: 1-day hiking trip The number of guests:

  • Minimum 4 pax
  • Maximum 10 pax

Hosted in which language: English / Khasi / Hindi

Best months(s) to visit: January to June & August to December.

What is included:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Water safety equipment
  • Refreshments
  • Meals
  • Guide services
  • Overnight stay

Accommodation/places to stay:

  • Meghalaya Vacation Home – Homestay in Mawlyngbna village.
    Price: INR 2500/- per night with complimentary breakfast INR 3000/-
    per night with complimentary breakfast
  • Weiing the lakefront camp – Lake campsite
    Price: INR 2500/- per tent
  • Wansanaki – Homestay – Mawsynram
    Price: INR 2500/- per night with complimentary breakfast

Name of host: Cliff Warjri

About the host: Cliff Warjri is an individual who is working in multiple destinations with a vision to educate, train and design curated tours for the locals. Having the opportunity to work with Campfire Trails in conducting trips and working as a curator and trainer has also contributed to the consistency and efficiency in working with many rural areas. He is working with a reliable and like-minded team in curating tours at the local level which is very active and accessible in many villages, laying more emphasis on adventure tours, and cultural tours

Contact number and email of Host:

  • Email:
  • Contact: +91-8731840739 / +91-9366714098
  • Instagram: travelmeghalayatravellocal