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An Adventurer's guide to the crevices of Meghalaya


A 60ft vertical drop and 5ft wide crevice were exposed in Mawlyngbna village back in 2013 by a small group of adventure enthusiasts with the help of the local youths of the area. Previously, the place was used as a dumping ground for bay leaf branches whereas the top of the crevice was used as a roasting and nursery area. Mawlyngbna village has countless of these crevices but this was later monetized and developed as a tourism spot. Popularly known as “Mawsiangjroi” in Mawlyngbna village, the crevice acts as a shelter for many local bat and bird species. When darkness falls giant tarantulas and huntsman spiders can be seen crawling up the vertical walls looking for insects to feed on. There are three sections to the crevice, with man-made ladders connecting one section to the other. An array of tree roots falling from the top of the crevice makes it look like a world from another dimension with a thin line of visible light striking the crevice. Stalactite and stalagmite formations can also be seen in the upper chambers of the crevice. A small crawling passage is another section that entices travellers to venture into the crevice. The crevice is a fun yet unearthly hike to the inside.

Tourists can enjoy the cool breeze blowing from the top, and see beautiful life forms, and what makes it more fun when one is not arachnophobic is to see the giant spiders. On exiting the crevice, one can observe the vast and flat rocky surface with a sight of the Bangladeshi plains.

Accessibility :
Location: Mawsynram

  • Distance from Shillong Airport: 3hr 3 mins (86.0 km)
  • Distance from Guwahati Airport: 5hr 19 mins (170.1 km)


  • Hiking towards the starting point of the cave.
  • View the many rock formations and fossils like ammonites that can be found. Marble deposits are also seen in some potholes.
  • Look at the seasonal orchids and wild flora which are visible during the hike.
  • Catch some panoramic views of the Bangladeshi plains.
  • Take a hike that will end at the top of Weikynmei waterfall wherein people can swim in several natural pools surrounding the location.

Does the package include food and beverages: Yes – as per the package.

(Name of Restaurant/Somebody’s house/Shop):
Meghalaya Vacation Home –

  • Packed meals at destination – homemade meals
  • Restaurant – Mawsynram (Self packed)

 Amenities/Facilities available: Basic caving equipment and safety equipment.
Duration: 1-day hiking trip

The number of guests:

  • Minimum 4 pax
  • Maximum 10 pax

Hosted in which language: English, Khasi and Hindi.

Best months(s) to visit: January to June & August to December.

Accommodation/places to stay:

  • Meghalaya Vacation Home – Homestay in Mawlyngbna village
    Price : INR 2500/- per night with complimentary breakfast. INR 3000/- per night with complimentary breakfast.
  • Weiing the lakefront camp – Lake campsite
    Price : INR 2500/- per tent
  • Wansanaki – Homestay – Mawsynram
    Price : INR 2500/- per night with complimentary breakfast

Name of host: Cliff Warjri

About the host: Working in multiple destinations with a vision to educate, train and design curated tours for the locals has been one of the main objectives of Cliff Warjri. Having the opportunity to work with Campfire Trails in conducting trips and working as a curator and trainer has also contributed to the consistency and efficiency in working with many rural areas. He has worked with a reliable like-minded team in curating tours at the local level which has made him very active and accessible in many villages. He has put more emphasis on adventure tours, cultural tours, forage & camp, nature walks, and a few designed as per locations and resource mobilization.

Contact number and email of Host: Travel Meghalaya Travel Local

  • Email:
  • Contact: 8731840739 / 9366714098
  • Instagram: travelmeghalayatravellocal