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Pusaw- A taste of culture


Mawranglang is a village located in the South West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya. It is located near the district headquarters by a distance of only 5 kilometres. The village is one of the main tourist spots in the district due to its beautiful landscape. This village is also well known for its production of local rice cakes, locally known as “Pusaw.” Pusaw is a popular traditional food in Meghalaya, especially in the South West Khasi Hills District. It is made up of local unpolished rice, which is widely available in the state. Apart from Pusaw, Mawranglang also has a beautiful viewpoint with an amazing landscape, an adventure training centre, the Kynrewmyllah Adventure Training Centre, and also practices Eco-Tourism.

 Accessibility :

  • Distance from Shillong Airport: 3 hr 1 min (93.5 km)
  • Distance from Guwahati Airport: 5 hr 12 min (151.0 km)

Experience Package Price (per day/overnight): INR 1000/-

Duration of the experience: 1 day 1 night.

 Location: Mawranglang Village


  • Hands-on experience on baking Pusaw
  • Sightseeing and witnessing the beautiful vistas along the village
  • Ziplining along the picturesque valleys
  • Camping at the nearby campsites

Number of guests: Maximum 5 people

 Hosted in which language: English and Khasi

 Best months(s) to visit: December to January

 Does the package include food and beverages: No.

Local food shops are available nearby

 Amenities/Facilities available:

  •  Washroom and Toilets available
  •  Good Mobile Network
  •  Motorable Roads

Name: M3K Resource center
Price (per night): Single room – INR 2500/- per night
Dormitory: INR 100/- per night

Name of host: Iwandahun Nongrem

About the host: Iwandahun Nongrem, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English, was born in Mawranglang village in the South West Khasi Hills District and is the third of eight children. For six years, she has been producing pusaw with her family. Since Pusaw is their family’s main source of income, she has been helping her parents and doing the baking alongside them for a considerable amount of time.

Contact number and email of Host:

  • Phone no – 9863074568
  • Email –