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‘Of Folklore and History’ - A Tour of Hima Khadsaw Phra

The Hima is a location with a wealth of folklore and legends attached to it and the term ‘Hima’ refers to a traditional Khasi kingdom. This Hima has a lot of anecdotes and proof of it’s history, whether it comes from oral tradition or recorded history. This carefully curated experience will take you on a journey through the life and history of the great Khasi freedom fighter – U Tirot Sing. His birthplace, the cave he used as a hiding place, the remnants of the David Scott route that was constructed at the time, and a waterfall named after ‘Ka Phan Nonglait’, are all included in this experience. Phan Nongliat was a close friend of U Tirot Sing and a prominent woman in the struggle against the British.

The Hima Khadsawphra was the Hima from which U Tirot Sing, the ‘chief’ of the Khasis, was from. He was angry with the British for forcing him to deviate from a commerce route that runs through his Hima. A war against the British resulted, lasting from 1829 until 1835.

Although he was deceived and taken prisoner by the British, his act of courage and sacrifice won him a position among the greatest Khasi independence warriors, and his name is a legacy till today. Another location with great history is the Lum Kyllang (Kyllang Rock), a huge dome-shaped rock made of red granite that towered intrepidly over the Khasi Hills. The ‘Kyllang Rock’ mythology has two different variations of it and these myths are well known to local tour guides. The rock’s summit is accessible through a short, steep walk, and the view from the top is breathtaking.

Location: West Khasi Hills
Nearest town: Mairang
Distance: 100km from Guwahati Airport, 70km from Shillong Airport

Duration of the experience: 2 days, 2 nights
Experience Package Price (per day): starting at INR 2,000/- per head or based on a customized itinerary.

  • Hiking to historical sites.
  • Trek to waterfalls.
  • Experiencing local cuisine.
  • Storytelling sessions.
  • Camping at a nearby site.

Amenities/Facilities Available:

  • Healthcare facility available at PHC Hospital.
  • Mobile network is available.
  • Motorable roads.
  • Parking Arrangement.
  • Transportation Facilities.
  • Camping Equipment.

Number of guests: Within 10 persons.
Hosted in which language: Khasi and English.
Best months(s) to visit: October to May.

Town Hill Guest House.

Price (per night):
Single: INR 1500/- , Double: INR 2500/-


Does the package include food and beverages:
Based on tourist requirements.

Food is available at INR 200 per meal (per person).

HAI KAI ADVENTURE TOURS AND TRAVELS in collaboration with Local Communities and Guides

About the host:
Hai-Kai Adventure Tours and Travels is a Travel agency based in Nongstoin, West Khasi Hills District. Starting in the year 2019, the group explores exotic and uncharted places within the district.

This venture was created from the interests and ideas of a group of friends who liked exploring the area through years of travel and hikes. “Hai-Kai”, in the local dialect means “let’s walk”. They provide a sustainable approach that helps maintain the natural balance and simultaneously offers a source of secondary livelihood to those engaged. The group also seeks to promote unknown areas in the region. They establish relationships with local youth in the WKHD communities and provide education, workshops, and training on sustainable practices. Every customer can find a customised package that suits them with HAI KAI’s. Tour guides, camping, trekking, transportation, and camping equipment rentals are among the services offered by the Group.

Contact number and email of Host:
+91 8837303066, +91 8837347856