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If you would like to check out panoramic views of the town with a delectable cocktail in your hand then the Poinisuk Hotel Klong Bar’s terrace seating area provides a good vantage point. Located in the very central Police Point intersection of Laitumkhrah, it is difficult to miss the hotel. Along with the drinks, the accompanying restaurant has a wide range of dishes to offer and Hotel Poinisuk is also known for its fun karaoke nights.

The granddaddy of the Shillong party scene, Cloud9 remains an iconic nightspot of the city. Be it the lofty top-floor location at the popular Centrepoint Hotel with great night views of the city, or a splendid mix of drinks and food on the menu, Cloud9 is a top choice for those who want to unwind or let their hair down.

The Evening Club
Boasting a cosy ambience and the best live acoustics in the town, the Evening Club chronicles and celebrates Shillong’s rich musical legacy like no other venue. There are regular live shows every week as musicians from all over come and entertain – from jazz and funk to hip-hop, prepare to be surprised by the packed show calendar. There are a few signature cocktails along with a delicious menu, and the old Shillong gig pictures that have been painstakingly collected and now adorn the walls will take you back in time.

Irish Pub
A tower of good beer should be enough to let yourself unleash some bad (and fun!) singing – that is exactly what the Irish Pub karaoke nights are for. The basement level waterhole, located at the Hotel Polo Towers, also features boisterous DJ nights and on quieter days, is an ideal rendezvous point for a few shots and some spicy accompaniments.
Other spots where you can enjoy a later-than-usual evening include the Heritage Club, Mikado Lounge, and the historic Pinewood Hotel.