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The 'Black-Pottery' Experience at Larnai

What is Black Pottery?

The art of making pottery, or Khiew-Ranei as it is known in the local language, with the use of black clay mixed with serpentine stone is called black pottery. These are made with local techniques passed down from generation to generation. This form of pottery is unique not only because of what is used to make it, but the way in which it is made also plays an important role in why these pots are so different and beautiful.

Because of the fact that these pots are locally made and sold, Miss Roilin and her family often face many challenges in the making of these pots. One of these challenges is the difficulty in fulfilling orders and delivering products due to the poor roads and infrastructure of the area. The fact that the production process is rather tedious and long does not help either. Since only the women of the region make these pots, the men are usually engaged in acquiring the black clay and the serpentine stone.

Experience Package Price (per day):  500/- INR per day

Duration of the experience:  Day visit from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Location: Larnai Village, Jaintia Hills District.


Distance from Shillong Airport: 1 hr 41 min (59.1 km)

Distance from Guwahati Airport: 4 hr 16 min (166.6 km)

How is Black Pottery done?

The process of making black pottery is a rather lengthy one, which goes as follows:

  1. The entire process starts with the collection of the black clay from the soil which is usually done in the winter.
  2. After the collection of the black clay, the serpentine stones are then collected after which it is to be crushed and mixed with this clay and then processed.
  3. The process of making the pottery and moulding the shape of the items then begins.
  4. These pots are then put out in the sun to dry.
  5. After the pots have been moulded, dried and beaten into shape, they are then put over an open fire (open-kin). This part of the process usually takes 3–4 days.
  6. After all this is done, the pots are then dyed with the colours extracted from ‘u dieng sohliya’ marking the end of this entire process.
  • Hands on experience of the entire Black Pottery process.
  • View of the scenic landscape.
  • Insight on the history and culture of Black Pottery in Larnai.
  • Trying out local delicacies.

Hosted in which language: Khasi and Pnar.

Amenities/Facilities available:

  • Motorable Roads.
  • Good mobile network.
  • Local food shops are available nearby.

Name of the host: Roilin Pyrtuh

Know your host: Roilin Pyrtyuh is a hardworking individual who has taken it upon herself to continue the age-old practice of black pottery making. She had learnt the art of making black pottery from her own mother, who had learnt it from her mother before her, and so on and so forth. Miss Roilin’s family is one of the few families left who are practising this art with minimal use of any machines or tools in her region. The different pots and utensils which Miss Roilin has crafted with her bare hands are one of a kind and unique.

Contact with the Host :
Phone No. : +91 8798843643