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Exploring the daily staple of Khasi Rice Cakes


Photdei is a small and beautiful village located in the South West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya. This village is popular for its traditional foods and rice cakes, that is, the Putharo, Pumaloi and Pu-sla. ‘Putharo’ is a favourite dish among the locals, and is supplied to different areas of Mawkyrwat and Nongstoin. There are two types of rice that are used for baking this cake; black rice, or Khaw-Iong and Khaw Mynri, which are both sourced from Ri-Bhoi. One of the major benefits of this variety of rice is that its softness lasts longer, and so does its shelf life. ‘Pumaloi’ is a ball-shaped rice steamed cake divided in half, and ‘Pu Sla’ is a steamed cake wrapped in a leaf commonly known as ‘Ka Lamet’.

The rice cakes are very popular in Meghalaya and all its districts have their own way of baking them, thus the taste differs from one place to another. Putharo is widely eaten with a combination of curried minced meat of pork or chicken, popularly known as ‘Doh-jem’. En route towards the village, one can witness the beautiful landscape from the Rilang viewpoint and leisurely spend time on the bank of the Rilang river or on the outskirts of the village. One can also camp in the hills near this river, having a picturesque view of the area.


  • Distance from Shillong Airport: 3 hr 16 min (100.8 km)
  • Distance from Guwahati Airport: 5 hr 8 min (150.9 km)


Photdei Village, South West Khasi Hills.

Experience Package Price (per day/overnight): Price along with tour guide: INR 500/- per person.

Duration of the experience: 1 day, 1 night.


  • A hands-on experience on the baking process of Putharo, Pumaloi and Pu sla.
  • Sightseeing.
  • Taking in the breathtaking views of the Rilang River.
  • Visiting the Rilang View Point.
  • Camping in the hills.

Number of guests: Maximum 10 people.
Hosted in which language: English and Khasi.
Best months(s) to visit: All year round.

Commitment to Safety:

  • Experienced local tour guides to facilitate the experience.

Name: M3K Resource center
Price (per night): Single room – INR 2500/- per night
Dormitory: INR 100/- per night

Does the package include food and beverages: No.
Local food shops are available nearby.

Name of the host: Kilmorey Dkhar

Know your host: Kilmory Dkhar is a resident of Photdei village and was introduced to the world of rice cake baking through her husband, Mr. Pdiangbor Sari, who is a well-known rice cake baker in his own village of Mawryngkneng. He was groomed into the art of making rice cakes by his mother since he was 16 years of age. In the year of 2018, he married Ms. Kilmorey Dkhar, and they later settled together in Photdei village. Mr. Pdiangbor then started his own rice cake business again in Photdei village, and the duo together use a traditional method of making rice cakes by pounding the rice in a wooden mortar. The essence of the wooden mortar can be sensed in the cooked rice cakes. However, it is an intensive task that takes a lot of time to grind the rice.

The couple bought a rice grinding machine, which helped them expand their business, and later employed nine workers to help them. The rice they use is of a special variety imported from Ri-Bhoi known as ‘Mynri’ which is also locally produced in the Mawkyrwat region. The baking pots they use are specially procured from Larnai village, a well-known black pottery village in the Jaintia Hills.

Contact with the Host :
Phone No. : +91 9863457259