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An incredible journey to the summit of Mawkynrum’s heights

Hike to Mawkynrum

Located in the West Khasi Hills, Mawkynrum is a village filled with breathtaking views, streams, forests, and caves. The hike to this area is one that takes 30 minutes to the viewpoint, which is relatively easy and people of all ages can complete it without any difficulty. Throughout this hike, we can see the beautiful Flemingia vestita (famously known as Sohphlang) cultivation and eight different species of orchids, the most famous one being the ‘tiew mawlynnai’.

The most exciting part about the journey to Mawkynrum is crossing the bamboo bridges that link enormous rock boulders with one another. Numerous unexplored caves are also present here, which are known to be the home to many different species of fauna located beneath these rock boulders. At the end of the hike, there is a breathtaking view of an oxbow lake and the surrounding grasslands. The pastures of Mawkynrum are also utilized as a meeting place for horses at least once a year.

 Accessibility :

  • Location: Mawkynrum
  • Distance from Shillong Airport: 3 hr 1 min (93.5 km)
  • Distance from Guwahati Airport: 5 hr 12 min (151.0 km)

Best months(s) to visit: October to March

Experience Package Price (per day/overnight): Based on a custom itinerary. ·

Duration of the experience: 1 day 1 night.


  • Hiking towards the different viewpoints.
  • Enjoy the beautiful vistas of an oxbow lake and the green pastures.
  • Camping near the water streams.
  • Observe the seasonal orchids and wildflowers that are found in the area.


  • Location: Mawkynrum
  • Distance from Shillong airport: 2hr 37 mins(94.6km)
  • Distance from Guwahati airport: 4hr 8 mins(126.5km)

Duration: 1 day, 1 night

Number of guests: 10

Hosted in which language: English and Khasi

Best months(s) to visit: October to March

Experience Package Price (per day/overnight): Based on a custom itinerary.

What is included in this package:

  • Tour guide
  • Camping equipment.

Accommodation/places to stay

Camping sites in the nearby areas Price: Starting at INR 2,000/- per person and can change based on a custom Itinerary.

Does the package include food and beverages:

Amenities/Facilities available:

  • Toilets
  • Motorable roads
  • Good network
  • Camping equipment

Name of host: HAI KAI ADVENTURE TOURS AND TRAVELS in collaboration with Local Communities and Guides

About the host: Hai-Kai Adventure Tours and Travels is a Travel agency based in Nongstoin, West Khasi Hills District. Starting in the year 2019, the group explores exotic and uncharted places within the district. This venture was created from the interests and ideas of a group of friends who liked exploring the area through years of travel and hiking. “Hai-Kai”, in the local dialect, means “let’s walk”. They provide a sustainable approach that helps maintain the natural balance and simultaneously offers a source of secondary livelihood to those engaged. The group also seeks to promote unknown areas in the region. They establish relationships with local youth in the West Khasi Hills District communities and provide education, workshops, and training on sustainable practices. Every customer can find a customized package that suits them with HAI KAI’s. Tour guides, camping, trekking, transportation, and camping equipment rentals are among the services offered by the group.

Contact number and email of Host:

  • Phone no : +91 8837303066, +91 8837347856
  • Email :