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Cherry Blossom Festival

Started in the year 2016, the Cherry Blossom Festival is a multi-day and multi-event festival that includes a wide variety of attractions, activities and art.

Held during the autumn flowering of the famed cherry blossom trees of Shillong and surrounding towns, the festival sets a beautiful and natural stage for those who want to experience both the modern and traditional aspects of Meghalayan culture. Some of the hotspots of the festival include the Wards’ Lake and the JN Sports Complex, where musical performances and local stalls are set up to enthrall and entertain the visitors and audience.

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Winter Tales

Dakti Craft presents Winter Tales Festival, a one of a kind initiative held in Shillong. Curated by Dakti Crafts, it serves as a platform where unique talents and entrepreneurs from across Meghalaya can share their stories through their Food, Art, Craft and Music and provides an opportunity for people to engage with the local creative community and find inspiration through their work.

This year’s Winter Tales Festival will see a host of new experiences and initiatives, bringing a touch of nature that’s designed to compliment the scenic beauty of Ward’s Lake in Shillong, thus making it a very merry clean and green Christmas. It’s a great way to kick start the festive and holiday season and is sure to keep you engaged and excited about all things Meghalayan.

The Meghalayan Age

Started in the year 2020 to provide travellers bespoke experiences in Meghalaya, the Meghalayan Age Festival was the first of its kind in the entire North-East region. The hot-air balloon rides and tethered rides are expected to attract many enthusiasts in coming editions.

The Meghalayan Age’s main features include glamping and exclusive caving and trekking tours. Apart from the state’s most popular sites, the festival also puts the spotlight on green and responsible travelling and new destinations and experiences.

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Shillong Autumn Festival

Held by the banks of the mesmerizing Umiam Lake, the Shillong Autumn Festival is one of the highlights of the post-monsoon calendar. It provides a stage for top music artists from across the state and country – catering to fans of all genres, from EDM and hip-hop to metal and rock. The Shillong Autumn Festival is an opportunity for travellers to discover local cuisines and products like pickles, wines, crafts and more.

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The Hills Festival

The Hills Festival is a 2-day homegrown festival that celebrates the modern and traditional wealth of the state – from music and art installations to local cuisines. Set along the banks of the Umiam Lake and held in the magical Meghalayan autumns, the festival has provided the stage for artists from all over the globe. Themes covered in the festival include sustainable art and design while the music concerts cover popular and experimental genres, a great place to discover new sounds while also revelling to your favourites.

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