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At the heart of the world’s ‘ longest living root bridge’

Standing at a whopping 53 metres in length, the living root bridge at Mawkyrnot in Rangthylliang is the longest of its kind in the entire world. Despite the fact that it is entirely made with the roots of two rubber trees ( ficus elastica trees) planted on opposite sides of a river, it is still rather sturdy and one does not need to worry about the safety of crossing this bridge.

There are a total of 5 living root bridges in the area. Still, the longest one that is located in the Mawkyrnot area is the most special amongst these bridges due to its amazing beauty and the cultural significance it holds to the people of the region. There are a total of 1500 steps which lead you down to this living root bridge, and although this may seem like a large number, it is not that arduous of a journey at all due to the fact that these steps have been built extremely well.

However, although tourists only started visiting this region in 2014, the current facilities for food and accommodation are quite decent. If one desperately needs any requirements when it comes to food itself, Miss Nohksiar Khongmawloh, another resident of the area who runs a local tea shop is always ready to deliver food packets to tourists during their hikes and treks. Her strength and diligence to be able to carry multiple food packets straight to the tourists and visitors on their trekking journeys have made her well renowned within the area.

Other than the trek to these bridges, tourists can also visit and view the breathtaking waterfalls and rivers of the area, all while appreciating the fascinating natural flora and fauna that this region offers.

Location : Rangthylliang, East Khasi Hills.
Nearest town: Pynursla Village.
Distance: 78 km From Shillong Airport.
162km From Guwahati Airport.

Duration of the experience: 1 day and 1 night.
Experience Package Price (per day): starting at INR 2,000/- per head or based on a customised itinerary.

  • Visit the Living Root Bridges.
  • Viewing of the Waterfalls and rivers.
  • Visiting the Sacred and Spiritual Ritual Grounds.
  • Trekking.
  • Local sightseeing.
  • Spectacular views of the area.
  • Viewing the natural flora and fauna.
  • Trying out the local cuisine.

Number of guests: 15
Hosted in which language: English and Khasi.
Best months(s) to visit: Winter months of October to January.

Amenities and facilities available:

  • Good motorable roads
  • Good mobile network
  • Parking Arrangement
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Washrooms and Toilets.

Name: Ribsweet Treetops Bed and Breakfast.
Price (per night): Starting at INR 1,000/-.

Does the package include food and beverages: No.
But arrangements for outside food and beverages can be made according to the visitor’s request.

Name of the host: Morningstar Khongthaw

Know your host: Morningstar Khongthaw is a local resident of Rangthylliang village in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya and is also the chairman of the Living Roots Bridge Foundation (LBF), an NGO that is focused on the maintenance and conservation of the Living Roots Bridges of the state. He is a hardworking individual who is not only indulged in the conservation of the Living Roots Bridges but also doubles as an experienced tour guide for tourists and visitors.

Contact with the Host :
Phone No. : +91 9366747383
Email :