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'A Journey Of Historic Views’-Mawshbuit.

Mawshbuit is a village located in the Mawryngkneng Block of East Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya. It is a place where a large number of villagers are educated and have great knowledge of the area. It is a rather isolated and peaceful village. This village is mainly known for the beautiful Sweet Falls and the Ever-Living Museum which is located within the area. Before reaching this area, however, you must cross the surrounding premises of the Defence Establishments of 58 Gorkha Training Centre(GTC).

Sweet Falls :

Sweet Falls, sometimes referred to as Kshaid Weitden in the local language, is located in Shillong. It is around 5 km away from Happy Valley and stands at a height of 96 metres (315 feet). Shillong’s ‘most beautiful’ and ‘most lethal’ waterfall is often used to describe this area. Road access is also available. But visitors, however, are not permitted to approach the waterfall too closely due to the hazardous way and nature of the cascade.

Location: Mawshbuit Village, East Khasi Hills.
Distance: 123 km from Guwahati Airport, 32 km from Shillong Airport.

Duration of the experience: Day visit from 8 am to 5 or 6 pm.

The Ever-Living Museum : 
Mr Kyntiewbor War is the owner of the Ever-Living Museum, Shillong. He takes great pride in Meghalaya’s culture and heritage. Only a 30-minute drive separates Mawshbuit, where the museum is located, from Shillong. The artefacts and materials on display are the product of Kyntiewbor’s research, labour, and dedication to protecting Meghalaya’s rich cultural heritage and natural environment. These collections have been accessible for viewing since 2015. The museum also houses priceless artefacts. These come from the Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo cultures. His collection also includes foreign money, carved wood, and historical utilitarian goods. The museum also has a variety of images, minerals, and stones. These consist of fossils, holy stones, and other precious and semi-precious stones found and used in Meghalaya.

Location: Mawshbuit Village, East Khasi Hills
Nearest Town: Shillong
Distance: 122 km from Guwahati Airport, 31 km from Shillong Airport.

Duration of the experience: Day visit from 11 am to 5 pm.
Experience Package Price (per day/overnight): starting at INR 2,000/- per head or based on a customised itinerary.

  • Sight-seeing at Mawshbuit Village
  • Picnic activities at Sweet Falls
  • Tour of the Museum
  • Hike to Sweet falls.

Amenities/Facilities available:

  • Motorable roads.
  • Parking Arrangement
  • Transportation arrangement.
  • Local guides/ Museum guided tours.
  • Camping equipment.
  • Pick up points from Shillong.

Hosted in which language: English and Khasi.

Best months(s) to visit:
Autumn to Winter season(October to December).

Experience Package Price (per day/overnight):
Starting at INR 500/- per head or based on a customized itinerary.

Ever Living Museum in collaboration with local guides and community

About the host:
Ever Living Museum employs locally trained youths to facilitate the village tour. This is a part of the Museum’s initiative to give part-time earnings to local youths.

Contact number and email of Host:
+91 8730025149, +91 8794086174