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East Garo Hills

Tasek Lake

East Garo Hills

William Nagar (35 kms)

220 kms

Nature, Sightseeing, Picnics, Boating

Explore a natural lake formed in the aftermath of a great earthquake, spot lively fishes and rare birds, enjoy a serene boat ride and soak in some magnificent scenery….

There is a momentous story behind Tasek Lake – it is a tectonic lake formed by the great earthquake of 1897. Today, this tranquil spot is a perfect getaway for those who seek the uninterrupted sounds of nature and gentle lakeside scenery. The lake is more than a kilometre long and is abundant with indigenous species of fish, which you can sight darting through the clear waters. The rustic landscape around the lake also adds an extra charm.

There is a fair bit of legend around the place. Nearby Napak was believed to be the original underworld according to Garo beliefs but due to a tiff between the living residents and the spirits, the latter fled to the cliffs and ranges of Balphakram.

Visitors can enjoy a boat ride on the calm waters and admire the verdant surroundings – groves of trees and vegetation that line the entire stretch of the water body, adding to the peace and seclusion. There is an eco lodge here where visitors can spend the night.
Tasek Lake also attracts flocks of migratory birds in the winters – birding enthusiasts will relish the prospect of sighting rare and beautiful species on the water and in the surrounding forests. You can also pack a small basket picnic and enjoy a meal next to the lake.

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