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East Garo Hills

Memo Lake

East Garo Hills

William Nagar (10 kms)

222 kms

Nature, Sightseeing

A tranquil lake in the heart of the lush Garo Hills, relish some idyllic rural scenes and enjoy a picturesque drive through verdant landscapes….

The tall hardwoods and tropical scenery of Garo Hills accompany you on your trip to Memo Lake, a charming getaway located close to Williamnagar town. The region is known for its rugged hilly terrain carved by the powerful Simsang River as it flows into the flatlands – and Memo Lake is a spot where one can relax and admire the placid waters and gentle, lush scenery.
The lake is a convergence point of the Memo and Asa rivulets that flow from the surrounding forests. The bridge that spans the lake is a reminder to visitors of the resilience of traditional architecture. It is a platform of wooden planks propped up by thick branches on the shallowest part of the lake – akin to a spiky wooden spine across the water.
The surrounding trees break the late afternoon sunlight and create a special glow over the lake – a postcard moment waiting to be immortalized by photography enthusiasts. You can spend a good forty minutes to an hour at this spot just admiring the serenity of it all.
The nearby Bolkinggre village encapsulates the rustic, idyllic lifestyle that the Garo Hills is famous for – a place of quaint bamboo fences and quiet streets.

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