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East Khasi Hills

Khat-ar-shnong, Kongthong

East Khasi Hills

Sohra (50 kms)

52 kms

Hiking, Culture, Living Root Bridge, Scenery

Guwahati Airport: 168 kms
Shilong Airport: 79 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 145 kms

The legend of the whistling village comes alive in the rugged and rich terrain of Khat-ar-shnong, a set of villages tucked deep in the forested valleys of the East Khasi Hills.

Getting to Khat-ar-shnong itself is a memorable experience – as the roads hug the mountainside while you glance at the gorges below from your ride. Khat-ar-shnong refers to a valley region in East Khasi Hills, which has been isolated for a long time due to the terrain. Kongthong is the most prominent village because of its striking location and its unique tradition where residents of the village are assigned a tune that also serves as a unique ID. The residents of the Kongthong, known as the Whistling Village along with people from the nearby villages have been practising this tradition which is called the ‘jingrwai iawbei’ for generations.

This distinctive cultural practice is not the only reason to set up base in Kongthong. The scenic beauty here is mesmerizing as you will be surrounded by the mighty monsoon mountains of Meghalaya and many trails can be enjoyed. Khat-ar-shnong is where you will find the highest living root bridge, the Jingkieng Myor that connects two granite cliffs with the rushing Wah Sohra river more than a hundred feet below. This region is also famous for its honey.

Other prominent villages and spots in Khat-ar-shnong include Mawrah viewpoint, Khrang village (famous for its krot herbal tea), Dewlieh and many more spots. We recommend our visitors to spend a few days here and choose the hospitality of the local homestays. The Traveller’s Nest in Kongthong, featuring cosy, traditional huts, is run by the local residents and provides a peaceful base camp.

Hardcore trekkers who want to avoid the usual roadways can trek to Kongthong by navigating the terrain between the famed Pynursla and Sohra ridges. (Always hire local guides – they have the best stories and knowledge and will keep you comfortable and safe).

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