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West Garo Hills

Williamnagar (52 kms)
Tura (38 kms)

313 kms

Nature, Wildlife, Hiking and Trekking (October to March), Culture, Sightseeing

Guwahati Airport: 200 kms
Shilong Airport: 307 kms
Guwahati Railway station: 217 kms

Embrace the beauty of Nokrek Biosphere Reserve from the cosy confines of a traditional Garo village – treks, nature walks, bird watching, and more…..

Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is known across the globe as a place of incredible natural diversity. To enjoy the sights and sounds of this unique corner of Meghalaya, a visit to Daribokgre is recommended. Daribokgre is the starting point for the famous trek to Nokrek peak – a short but fascinating route that takes adventurers through vibrant plantations and terrain before they reach the magnificent summit.
There are many activities that visitors can enjoy in Daribokgre. You can explore the forest trails and visit the source of the Simsang River, and you get to stroll around the orange orchards that surround the village. Nokrek is also believed to be the home of one of the oldest citrus species. In Daribokgre, you can immerse yourself in the traditions and cultures of the Garos. Learn about the indigenous architecture, the cuisine and the rice wine brewing methods, amongst many other things.

There is a watch tower which gives you splendid views of Nokrek and a bamboo bridge gives you another delightful perspective on the place. Daribokgre is also close to the Selbalgre Hoolock Gibbon Reserve, where you can sight these rare primates. Nokrek is also known for its rare and delightfully sweet honey – maybe something to take back home. Hikes and treks in the area are best done in the drier months between October and March.

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Tura Peak

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Nokrek Biosphere Reserve

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NH217 and Tura-Williamnagar Road (From Tura)

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